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About Us

Sudeep Chandra, software engineering guru with over two decades of experience.

Binary stands for the smallest scale of measurability, either a zero or a one. Here, we believe in developing solutions that are only as complex as necessary. Achieving the end goal of a system, whether a website, mobile or web app or desktop software should be done with building blocks.

We use only the latest and the greatest when it comes to technology. But with age old principals of following standard processes of software engineering & management models, we deliver quality.

  • In-trend skills used (Wordpress, Ionic, Swift, etc.)
  • Prototype before implementation.
  • Quality tested before delivery.
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We design, develop, deliver and maintain wesbites, web & mobile apps. We also do desktop softwares for both Windows & OS X.

Static Websites

This includes Wordpress based websites and variants for eCommerce (merchandise selling websites)..

Dynamic Web Apps

When you want your website to show realtime data from a database, then we do that as well and we do that well!

Mobile Phone Apps

We Build mobile phone apps with common interface for both Android and iOS. We also build Swift based iOS only high performance apps.

Desktop Apps

We build desktop apps for both Windows and Mac.

Programming Services

We provide programming services to address ongoing maintenance and enhancements to your existing systems.

Project Management

We will manage your projects like an agency to implement your system requirements.

Why choose us?

Trust. It's that simple. When you give us any work, then it shall be done with utmost dilligence and by all ethical means.

With an experience going length and breadth of the industries in Chicagoland area, we are the right choice for you.

Experience is everything.. Yes, that's true and more so when it comes to software engineering. Subtle things, knowing the road map ahead, difference between what's desireable and what's practicable is all what we are about.

Numerous Apps on the Store

We have numerous apps developed and published in various app stores currently.

Numerous Systems in Production

We have numerous systems like trading systems developed for windows desktop in production.

Reach Us Now

Call or text us now to see if your systems requirement is something that we can implement and deliver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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